Friday, August 05, 2005

Time for another rant

Know what really annoys me? People who complain about speeding fines. Every time someone writes a letter to a newspaper or calls talk-back radio to whinge about a "speed trap" that is supposedly just a "revenue raiser", I just want to grab the person by the ears and shake their head so their tiny brain rattles around inside their over-inflated skull.
I want to say to them: "If you don't want to contribute to the state government's coffers, don't go over the speed limit." What's so hard about that? They usually have some lame excuse as to why they can't obey the posted speed limit -- "it's downhill and you naturally pick up speed", or "there are three different posted limits in a short stretch of road and I can't be expected to think of that many things at once". I have news for these people: when you get behind the steering wheel of a car, you are in control of the vehicle (even if it has got cruise control and a disembodied woman in the glove box telling you where to go).
Remember your first driving lesson? "The pedal on the right is the accelerator: use it when you want to go faster. The pedal to the left of it is the brake: use it when you want to slow down." So get over yourself and use the pedals.

In case you're wondering what sparked this rant, this morning I slowed down (to 40km/h) for a 40km/h school zone, and a guy in a 4WD crossed a double unbroken line to overtake me!

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