Tuesday, August 09, 2005


A lot of the blogs and websites I read regularly are bristling with indignation about George W's comments on giving Intelligent Design equal weight with science in American classrooms. It's not really an issue here in Australia. At least not yet...

Anyway, the reason for my blog entry is to join some scientists and skeptics in Googlebombing so that people who search for Intelligent Design on Google, get referred to the National Centre for Science Education website instead of some anti-science religious tract.

And even if the googlebombing doesn't work, at least I learned what it is!


Ryan Michael said...

It must be great to live in such a cool country!

In the US, we are bombarded frequently by the religious Christian Right. I have no problem w/ religion, but keep it out of our schools!!

sharonb said...

There is als email bombing can also be used to write to politicians - there is a new movement starting in OZ called 'get up ' the idea is to write to senators about political issues you are concerned about.

beche-la-mer said...

Rockstar, I often wonder why the religious right doesn't have more impact on the secular state in Australia. Most of the big power brokers, including our Prime Minister and his deputy, are conservative Christian fundamentalists. Yet we seem to have achieved some kind of balance in the separation of church and state that hasn't happened in the US.

Besides, the Anglican Church is too busy with internal arguments about whether women can be priests and the Catholic Church is too busy defending itself against pedophilia court cases. Which is not good.

And Sharon, I did hear about "Get Up" and promised myself to check it out when I get some time. That's the great thing about the web, and blogs, that it gives people who feel frustrated and voiceless an outlet. If it can help make a small difference, so much the better.