Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Look up!

Even if you live in the light-polluted inner city, as I do, looking westish just after sunset you can see a lovely sight: Venus and Jupiter, appearing together in the sky. It's hard to miss them: Venus (the evening star) is the brightest star in the sky and Jupiter is the other bright star near it. (The fainter bluish star at the top of the image is Spica, a star in the constellation Virgo.) If the weather holds for a couple of days, I hope to have more and better photographs to post, especially after Thursday night when the two planets will appear closest together in the sky. If it's not fine this week, I'll be crossing my fingers that next week's weather is better, when the pair of planets will be joined by the crescent moon for one special evening's dance.

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beche-la-mer said...

The weather is not looking good right now for more star viewing tonight, and also not good for a science experiment I wanted to do while Wonder Boy is at football training.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow night.