Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A la recherche du temps perdu

Proustian moment: in need of a method for keeping my hair out of my face while I'm working, and too lazy to go downstairs and get a hair elastic, I spied a bit of satin ribbon (left over from a photoshoot) on my desk.
Tied it in my hair, immediately felt 16 again.

Pink garter-stitch jumper, maroon corduroy overalls; pincurls and home-made face masks; a house like a train with my bedroom at one end; 12-string guitars and tambourines; The Rose; The Grange; shooting stars; daydreams by the deep pool in the creek; crushes on boys who didn't know I existed; reading Jane Austen, e e cummings, TS Eliot; listening to Keith Green, REO Speedwagon, Air Supply, Vangelis.

Those of you who knew me then, will know exactly what I mean.

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