Monday, August 08, 2005

jeans to go

I shouldna done it, but I've signed up for a new embroidery challenge.

Sharon has posted this challenge on her blog. Being an inveterate denim embellisher since my teenage years I, like many others, couldn't resist the idea of trying to reclaim my lost youth by tarting up a pair of old jeans and turning them into a bag.

Here are my jeans: this pair is about four years old, and I haven't worn them for the past two -- they're just too stiff and dark (I keep wearing my faded, stretchy bootleg pair instead). Say goodbye, because they're about to go under the scissors (after a short dip in bleach to fade them to a nicer colour).

I am thinking of indulging my ocean/sea fetish as I embellish them, and I will post developments as they come along.

So now I have to go... I can hear the Bead Studio opening its doors...

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beche-la-mer said...

Yesterday I painted the front of my jeans and I was so pleased with the result I almost wanted to take them back and wear them! Photo to come soon.

Meantime, my painting reminded me that Wonder Boy's football coach, who is a talented artist when not running a junior Aussie Rules club, has promised me the next pair of his painting jeans when he is finished with them. They are just wonderful, all covered with splodges of paint from a year's worth of painting -- and he couldn't believe it when I asked him to save them for me. I'll try to get a photo next time I catch him wearing them.