Saturday, September 10, 2005

Revenge is a dish best served cold

I've harbored a grudge against Geelong Football Club supporters since 1997, when I was walking out of the SCG with a two-year-old Wonder Boy on my shoulders after the Cats had beaten the Swans. A Geelong fan walked up to me, bent down to shout right into my face and yelled, "Oh look, a whole family of losers." I've never been able to forgive the ungraciousness of that comment and I admit I have allowed it to colour my view of all Geelong supporters ever since.
But last night, as we were leaving the SCG again, this time after an amazing last-second win by the Swans (I don't carry Wonder Boy on my shoulders any more -- soon he will be carrying me!) I finally had my revenge.
A disconsolate Geelong supporter grumbled, "Don't celebrate too early, you've got St Kilda next week." To which I replied, "Mate, at least we've got next week."
Tickets to the semi-final: $150
Hideously expensive and tasteless catering: $37
The look on the Cats' supporter's face: Priceless!


Everyday Quilter said...

...loved your Swans post match comments(huge belly laugh) and thank you for the wonderful pics of the night sky last week...I was able to take the kidlets outside and sound a teeny bit knowledgeable! AM

barrandgirl said...

On our blog we have a link to the last two minutes of the Swans game last week as called by Rex Hunt. Great stuff. I 'm thinking after being robbed against West Coast and getting out of jail last week we are starting at with even karma. Go Swans.