Sunday, September 18, 2005

Spelling test

What's wrong with this ad for Westfield shopping centres?

accessorize, metallicize, glamourize

We won't be pedantic about the American "-ize" suffix, even though we really prefer the Australian/English "-ise" version.

But if you add glamour to something, you make it glamorous or glamorise/ize it. Even in Australia.

What's so stupid about this is that the copywriter chose to use the American spelling for the suffixes then, with some kind of misguided sense of patriotism, tried to revert to the Australian spelling for glamour, and put in a "u" that shouldn't be there in either case.

I don't know what kids these days are learning at school! Certainly not how to use a dictionary, or even (heaven help us!) a spell-checker.

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