Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Proof that proofreaders are a dying species

A report in today's newspaper would have made me laugh if it weren't so awful. The Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers (ACLO), who largely deal with alcohol-fuelled social disruptions, received vests with the acronym "ALCO" in large letters on the back. Somehow these were ordered, printed, checked, received and dispatched to police stations without anybody noticing the error.

In the same issue of the paper, a breakout quote says "Is Oaklahoma! a stepping stone to Mozart, Puccini or Wagner?" (It's correct in the text of the article, and on the web.)

It's Oklahoma, OK?

(If you think this post was just an excuse to put a picture of Hugh Jackman with his shirt off on my blog, you wouldn't be very far off the mark.)

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