Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yum cha

Went out for yum cha after Wonder Boy's football grand final yesterday and, for once, they brought around the chicken feet at the beginning of our meal. I've always wanted to try them, but they usually bring them around at the end when I'm absolutely stuffed and certainly don't want to eat something that I may not enjoy.
So I can now report that I've eaten chicken feet and survived. They were quite edible -- tasted like chicken -- with the texture of gelatinous cartilage. I can't say that I'll be adding them to my list of favourite yum cha dishes, which includes: sticky rice, fried prawn dumplings, sweet potato dumplings, steamed bok choy and that crispy grass (seaweed) with candied walnuts, not to mention mango pudding.
As we were leaving, the head waiter was up a ladder, tying a lettuce with a lucky charm wrapped in it over the restaurant door. I asked what he was doing and he said it was to feed the dragons, which were approaching to the sound of the beating of drums; apparently, if you feed them they won't wreak havoc on your business.
Personally, lettuce is not the kind of food I thought a dragon would eat: I thought they were mostly carnivores. But I guess it's hard to tie a goat carcass above the door of your restaurant without ruining patrons' appetites.

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Sharon said...

or dropping blood on their best clobber as they pass beneath the goat... I have never heard that one before and as I am a 'dragon person'(born year of the dragon) I haven't that great a fondness for lettuce... Not that I am in to goats either - I thought it was more fair damsels in distress or knight touting lances that was a dragon's menu...