Monday, September 05, 2005

Metaphorically speaking

We were out in the car, on the way to the movies, having one of those conversations about current events.

Voice of Reason: You don't judge someone by the way they perform when they're at the top, but by they way they handle the bad times. When you're on the crest of a wave, it's easy; but when you've been dumped, your jocks are full of sand and you've been through the washing machine, that's when you see someone's true character.
Beche-la-mer: Yes, but it seems that in this case [the fall from grace of the former NSW opposition leader] there were a lot of machinations from within his own party. I mean, the prime minister hung him out to dry.
VoR: Okay, but he [Broggers] handed them the weapon. He loaded it up with ammunition and they shot him with it.
Wonder Boy (from the back seat): Are you using a metaphor? Because I'm confused... first you're talking about waves, then weapons.

Sometimes, you just forget that the other person in the car is only 10 years old. At this point the VoR nearly drove off the road as he did a double-take at his offspring's use of the word "metaphor". Correctly, I might add. (See, he is my son.) Later, we continued:

Beche: I'm really impressed that you recognised your dad's use of a metaphor.
WB: Well, why do you use metaphors?
VoR: You know when you watch football on television, and there's one guy who says, "Now he's got the ball and he's running up the middle of the ground". He's the commentator. Then there's the other guy who says, "He swooped on the ball like a hawk on a sick chicken". He's there to provide the colour, and he uses metaphors to do it.
Beche: Actually, that's a simile.

Oh well, you can't win them all.

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