Thursday, January 19, 2006

Help! Caffeine withdrawal imminent!

Here's my old faithful coffee grinder. This little baby was already old when we found it in the kitchen of the house my parents bought when I was four years old. But now I think it has had the rhubarb... it just doesn't grind the beans any more.

I've been looking on ebay for a new one, but I've got a dilemma: should I go for another manual grinder, or a new-fangled electric one? I've heard that the electric ones aren't very efficient and, personally, I'm not a big fan of electrical kitchen appliances anyway (just another machine to find a spot for in the cupboard). On the other hand, grinding coffee beans by hand every morning is hard (though rewarding) work. And the Fun Policeman always teases me about it being "mother's little helper" when I hold it between my knees to stabilise it (the joke will be apparent to fans of Australian Crawl*).

Any help with the pros and cons of coffee grinders would be appreciated, either in the comments here or by email. And now back to ebay...

* The Boys Light Up

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