Monday, January 23, 2006

Girt by sea

Our State Premier, Morris Dilemma, thinks that he can solve all our Cronulla-based race-hate problems and wipe out terrorism by requiring the kiddies to sing the national anthem once a week at school assemblies.

I do love a good national anthem -- the Star Spangled Banner and Aotearoa/God Defend New Zealand are among my faves, along with good ol' Girt. I also am one of several Australian citizens (including the aforementioned State Premier) who actually know the words of the second verse (I even know the words of the disgraced and discarded verses: "When gallant Cook from Albion sailed...").

But I can't help thinking that poor old Morris is just taking a stab in the dark here. I mean, singing gospel music doesn't get you into heaven, and mumbling "Australians all eat sausages, for breakfast, lunch and tea" to a stodgy old tune is not going to magically turn primary school students into multiculturalists.

The only saving grace will be if the kiddies are allowed to belt out the anthem to its alternate tune: Barnesy's Working Class Man. (Go on, try it. It works.)

All together now:
Woah-oh-oh-oh Advance Australia Fair!


Everyday Quilter said...

Amen, sister!!!! My kids already sing the anthem at every out of touch are these pollies......Ann-Maree

Grangry said...

Well, quite frankly I think your state premier has a jerky knee, just like our lot!!!

Sophie said...

Hahaha!! 'Australian's all eat sausages... I can't beleive I've never heard that one. We sang the anthem every week too - how could I have missed it??