Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crafty Dude

The Dude took a piece of cardstock from my craft supplies and spent a couple of quiet hours working away at this creation. It's a 3D representation of me sitting on my ergonomic kneeling chair, with my laptop on my worktable, surrounded by my books and other paraphernalia. He hasn't bothered to capture the messy state of the top of my worktable -- papers, bills, two telephones, beads, stapler, paperclips, tins of pens, pictures cut or torn out of newspapers and magazines, a copy of Wuthering Heights, hand cream, ribbons, letters, a key ring, the smoke alarm (needs a new battery) -- but at that scale (the whole thing is about 10cm high) it would have been quite a challenge.

Anyway, I love you too, Dude.

The Fun Police received a similar card, depicting him swinging by his hands in the doorway of the fire station. I'm not sure what the Dude thinks his dad does all day....

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