Thursday, July 28, 2005

to Adelaide

I won't be adding to my blog for a few days as we are flying to Adelaide for a quick visit with family. In the meantime, here is some eye candy for my crazy friends: a crazy quilt block I made for my niece's first birthday. It includes the French knot cherry tree that was inspired by Vivienne's photos.

The block includes tiny stitched symbols of some of Jack's firsts: an aeroplane for her first trip to the US, a bikini for her first swimming lessons and of course a football and scarf for her first Aussie Rules game as a spectator. The block is the second I have made for her: I plan to make one for her birthday each year and then join them all together into a keepsake quilt when she is grown up.

I hope she likes it!

1 comment:

Nanette said...

What a lovely idea - the one block a year bit - wish I'd thought of it as each of my grandees were born. Too many years to catch up now.....belle