Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Smoking gun

Some people are complaining about the new ban on smoking in pubs, making life difficult for the bar staff by ignoring the law and making a scene when they are asked to stop.

One look at the picture that appeared in the newspaper report tells you why: every person in the picture is a white, middle-class, middle-aged male. These people are used to getting their own way -- they have been since they were born.

Just look at the smug bastards, having their schooners after work before toddling off home to wifey (or possibly 20-something-blonde-girlfriendey -- frankly I suspect the guy on the far right. I mean, leather jacket and stonewash jeans... I bet he has a convertible in the car park. Probably red.)

These guys have never been told they can't do anything they want to do in their entire life, and no law is going to stop them now.

And the publican is no better than his patrons. "My girls," he says (although he actually means his employees, whose health he is required to look after under the OH&S act), "are a little upset".

A little? If I worked for a chauvinist pig like that (and I have, believe me) I would be more than a little upset.

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