Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cancerous thinking

In the Sydney Morning Herald there is a column called "Big Questions" where readers can submit questions and other readers can provide answers. In answer to the question: "Where does all the money raised for cancer research go and why don't we have a cure?" Someone sent this answer:

"Into white lab-coat pockets. Science will never find a cure for cancer or any disease because they are looking outside the body for cures. Disease processes occur because the body is not working properly; that is, not healthy. A healthy body doesn't get cancer or the common cold. Health is the entity, not disease. Disease can only exist in the absence of health. Therefore improve and maintain your health. Ensuring your nervous system is working properly should be a priority."

This made me really angry.

It came on top of a television news report (I can't give a link, but it's not worth watching anyway) which opened with the line: "If love counts for anything, then Kylie Minogue will survive her battle with breast cancer." This made me really, really angry.

1. Are you telling me that if I had just loved my dad more, he would still be alive?
2. And how dare you equate the shallow adulation that Kylie's fans feel for her public persona with the real love of a family and friends who know the person (even Kylie herself) intimately?

People who say stuff like that are really saying, "Hey, if you get cancer it must be your own fault". Some juvenile part of me wants to say that I hope they get cancer and then see if they believe what they say (or write) -- but obviously I don't believe in karma.


Maureen said...

You "sock it to them" Melody!
I agree totally with your sentiments as I get so tired of and ANGRY with the media that trivialize everything down to the lowest common denominator...i.e The budgie's fan club.

fish said...

I feel angry for you, for me and for anyone who's been touched by that insideous disease.

The SMH person is an idiot. Full stop. No more to say.