Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Diamond Beach

Oh, don't you love summer! I've just spent a couple of days with my mum at Diamond Beach. Spectacular weather, spectacular walks on the beach, and spectacular star-gazing (actually planet-gazing: we looked at a brilliant crescent Venus and at Mars) at night through Terry's new telescope.

Down at the beach the tide was out and the sandbar was making the waves do crazy things, such as this amazing crossover manoeuvre:

After dark, all the pretty lights came on, including the ones in the sky. Here's a picture of Venus and some Christmas lights across the road from mum's house.


Kevin Rosero said...

Nice image of Venus, even if it's upside down ;) By the way, have you been able to see a crescent of Venus yet with your own eyes? My eyes are not especially sharp, so I don't expect to.

beche-la-mer said...

A crescent of Venus with the naked eye? I've never heard that you can do that. I suppose you have to use averted vision or whatever that technique is. (I once did an advanced driving school where the instructors tried to teach us to operate the brake and accelerator pedals at the same time, using different parts of the foot. In my experience averted vision is a bit like that: a great technique for professionals but it would take far too much practice for me to get the hang of it.)