Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I don't like dogs.

I don't even like puppies, no matter how cuuuuute you think they look with their big eyes and oversized paws and their stupid little hats (or toys, or whatever).

I especially don't like dogs whose owners think that their dog has a right to walk up to me in a public place and start sniffing at any part of my anatomy. I don't like dogs whose owners think it is okay for me to have to cross to the other side of the footpath (or street), just so they don't have to give their dog's lead a little tug to get it out of my path. I don't like dogs whose owners say, "It's okay, he won't hurt you" as I back away from their slobbery mouths and gross tongues. Not to mention the dogs' mouths and tongues. I don't like dogs that suddenly start barking madly at me from behind a fence, when I am just minding my own business, walking down the footpath, not thinking that my ears are about to be assaulted by inarticulate, eardrum-bursting animal noises -- until I jump three feet in the air in surprise.

Have I mentioned that I don't like dog owners, either? I mean, it's hardly fair to put all the blame on the stupid animals.

And dogs are animals, not children: but even if you think they are like children, I wouldn't let my child run up to a stranger in a public place and start slobbering all over her and sniffing her in inappropriate places. Or start yelling at a passer-by over the yard fence. And then say, "it's okay, he won't hurt you".

The Voice of Reason says, "a dog is just one meal away from being a wild animal". Or, in my opinion, less than that.

I may have found a soul mate in Hemlock. See the diary entry for April 12th. Via Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry.

With apologies to Sam, Nelson Mandela, Sprocket and other dogs of my acquaintance whose owners I can also tolerate.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya, I've just been admiring your moon embroidery from 4 years ago, and just kept on reading. YES I completely agree with everything you say about dogs, I sometimes like particularly docile & friendly dogs but as they are few and far between I would categorise myself as a 'dog-disliker'! There are many Rottweilers around where I live and I think the owners are just as riduculous as the dogs. They make such a virtue of being macho and 'hard', which is really very antisocial in my opinion.
I really like cats and rabbits though!
By the way, I hope you've still got your lovely moon embroidery, it's beautiful and obviously took you hours and hours to complete! All those french knots!

beche-la-mer said...

Hey Joey, Thanks for the compliments about my moon embroidery. Would you believe I had someone contact me just a few days ago to ask if I would sell it? I think I will, because I'm not really doing anything with it and the fun (for me) was all in the design and stitching. I'll have lots of photographs to remember it by.
As for dogs, at the moment I am staying with my sister who has a beagle. I am gritting my teeth and bearing his company as much as I can, but fortunately my family are aware of my antipathy to dogs and do their best to distract him when he tries to snuggle up to me!