Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scam spam

Yesterday I received this scam email.

I knew it was a fake straight away: I can't understand why the people who come up with these ideas (and go to the trouble of setting up websites to phish for your bank details) can't even be bothered using a spelling check! I mean, "imputs"? Another clue is the use of exclamation marks: that's not something a government department would be likely to do. And it's hardly worth mentioning the bad grammar and punctuation.

At least we know it didn't come from the office of Steve Fielding, since they managed to spell the word "fiscal" correctly.

When I checked the source code, I found that the link that appears to go to the ATO website actually goes to, where, I assume, I would find a page asking for my bank account or credit card details and PIN or other ID. Not going to happen.

Children, this is why correct spelling and grammar is important. Here endeth the lesson.

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