Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stripe me pink!

A new shop opened up recently, just a few doors down the road from my house. The Remnant Warehouse buys the ends of bolts of fabric from designers and clothing manufacturers and sells them, if there is a large enough quantity, by the metre, or by the bolt end for smaller quantities. (They also have general sewing supplies, from thread and needles to embroidery accessories and braid, thus promising to save me many trips to Spotlight.)
The beauty of this is that these fabrics are not necessarily readily available elsewhere and they are cheap. This lush, stripy cotton print has a hint of metallic gold that really makes it zing, and it cost me just $10 for 2.5m! I also bought a 3m end of a bolt of sheer polycotton fabric with woven navy and white stripes for $6.00 -- cheap or what?
Now, what am I going to make? I've got a few ideas already, but suggestions are welcome...


Prue said...

That stripe would make a great chair cover, or apron. Or a hat. Or a beach bag. Need any more ideas?!

beche-la-mer said...

Thanks Prue, I am also thinking about using it for the back of some kimono-embroidery-inspired cherry blossom cushions (I just bought a beautiful book at the craft fair that is making my mouth water).