Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bra and undies

Last October the Southern Cross Crazies, an online crazy-quilting group I'm a member of, held a retreat. A challenge was set, for participants to embellish a bra to raise money for breast cancer research. Here's mine:

(Okay, technically it's not a bra, it's a bikini top I bought at an op shop and crazy quilted over.) At the retreat, we had a women-only fashion parade to show off our bras, then we put them on display and everyone voted for their favourites by coin donation.
In a month, the New South Wales branch (plus some interstate members) of the same group is getting together for this year's retreat and the challenge this time is to embellish a pair of men's underpants, with the aim of raising money for prostate cancer research. The question is, how will we run the fashion parade? Someone suggested we get celebrity models. I wonder what size boxers Hugh Jackman wears?

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